Strategic consulting

For the development of enterprises in Italy and abroad

WIP Consulting is the partner for companies that want to initiate steady growth processes. It is an analytical laboratory where innovative solutions are developed.

Analyze, understand, change, grow

WIP Consulting is an observatory monitoring global markets, organized to identify development opportunities, initiate and manage business relationships, resolve crisis situations, and enhance and affirm Made in Italy products in the world.

Experience in processes
by internationalization

WIP Consulting serves businesses with a network of professionals, specialized to meet the needs of companies in internationalization and strategic communication.

A tool
evolved and exclusive

WAAM, WIP Audit Assessment Model, is a method of
survey aimed at x-raying the status quo of the
enterprises to improve their performance and support top management
To embark on a path of continuous and steady growth.

Exploratory work, carried out using audit techniques,
enables development plans to be drawn up with the maximum
Containment of business risk both in Italy and in markets

The WIP Consulting team operates with expertise, method, and rigor, in keeping with three core values for development and affirmation of any productive organization: integrity, reputation, authority.


Dynamic approach to intercept opportunities in global markets and formulate innovative solutions that promote digitization and sustainable business growth


Each process has a systematic approach to ensure consistency and quality at all stages of a project, manage complexity, and achieve successful goals


Highly qualified team of experts in areas ranging from market analysis to international communication: expertise that guarantees high-level results in every project

WIP Consulting governs a network of professionals and partner companies that can ensure ideation, planning, coordination and implementation of strategies, activities and techniques of the internationalization process, communication, marketing and digital transformation, useful to support companies in their growth strategies.

Business consulting

Audit, assessment, business organization with competency analysis and organizational chart restructuring.


Country focus, market research by product sectors, partner and customer scouting, organizing B2B meetings, international trade fairs, foreign missions and incoming/business tours in Italy.

Business Relations

Institutional and commercial relations in Italy and abroad, design and management of international development plans.

Public Relations

Public and institutional relations, development of national and international lobbying plans.

Integrated communication

External and internal communication strategies, brand identity, media relations, press office, events, video, advertising, graphic design, social media strategy, content marketing, websites and e-commerce.


Courses designed on the needs of companies, with focus on strategies and tools of the internationalization process, communication and marketing, digital, media training, public speaking.