Wip Audit Assessment Model

It is a registered algorithm copyrighted for the exclusive use of WIP Consulting Srl. It is a survey method aimed at x-raying the status quo of business organizations to improve their performance and support business decision makers to embark on a path of continuous and steady growth.

Development strategies and risk management

Exploratory work, carried out using audit techniques, enables production organizations to improve their performance and draw up development plans with maximum containment of business risk both in Italy and in international markets.



The status quo of all production areas of enterprises.



The ability of companies to deal with international markets.



expertise in internationalization process strategies and techniques.



the best business strategies and indicates where and how to export.

WAAM, by calculating with weighted averages the responses from the various objectively recorded sections, without any interpretation by the interviewer, captures the true x-ray of the organization being explored and highlights where and how to intervene to resolve areas of crisis and to define effective and efficient business models in the medium to long term.
The results of the audit are summarized in a rating expressed as a percentage, in line with international models, useful for reliability assessments by the business community and institutions.

WAAM is an indispensable tool for companies in any industry and SMEs in particular that want to

  • Reduce business risks
  • Improve operational efficiency and governance
  • Get an objective assessment of your organization and practical tools to address challenges and seize opportunities for growth
  • Planning international development with science-based strategies
  • Managing change effectively

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